Japanese SUMMER

It was wonderful Japanese Summer month.

Thank you for everyone that you came to visit us!

Thank you also for Seno, Himiko, Chiisai Asian Cho and Reinhard Ormanns for your wonderful origamis  and kites! And Yuka!

We also had interesting event in Bibliothek Zug with Japanese lesetheather-

Thank you actor Emi Ishikawa and violinist Shunji Akagi for special evening! And of course thank you for Bibliothek Zug providing the place for us!




Japanese Lesetheater in Bibliothek Zug

Emil Oshikowa and Shunji Akagi will be performing in Bibliothek Zug in 30.06.2017 at 18.00. Places can be reserved beforehand, but there are always some available seats for those who have not had possibility to reserve seats.

You are warmly welcome !!


Lesetheather flyer facebook post vPNG.png



SPRING ! APERO 01.05.2017 from 15.00-18.00

SPRING– Photographer Sanna Heikintalo  and Finnish design

Opening APERO on 01.05.2017 at 15-18.00

Welcome !

SPRING 01.05.2017-01.06.2017   

FRÜHLING–   Fotografien von Sanna Heikintalo  und finnische Design

Opening APERO 01.05.2017 um 15.00-18.00

Opening time:  Wednesday 10.00-12.00

Thursday  14.00-16.00

Saturday 10.00- 13.00

Closed: Saturday 06.05 because Tanzfest and 27.05


Raum 358

Raum 358  is place for culture.

We are new culture room near the Zug library in historical Zug old town – in St.-Oswalds-Gasse 9

We organise events, exhibitions, popups, lectures, workshops and much more. Raum 358 is also home for acculturate calamnius- culture management firm and for Young ID festivals. Join us for an event or organise your own event.

Come and join our latest events