POP UP time is here

It is time for POP up again.

First will be in Zug near Railwaystation in Alpenstrasse 13 Pattern

from 24th November until 0.12.2017

Design Pop-Up 24.11-2.12.2017
Opening hours
Fri 24.11.2017 13.00- 20.00
Sa 25.11.2017 10.00-17.00
Mo-Thu 26.11-30.11 10.30- 19.00
Fri 1.12.2017 10.30 – 20.00
Sa 2.12.2017 10.00-17.00
 Natalie Lahdenmaki, Johanna Gullichen, Hanna Konola, Jatta Lavi, Form Schmiede, Iina Vuorivirta, Anna Scherrer, Leena Pinomaa ja Moi &Co.
This time there are also three wonderful guests :
Reima children clothes from Kids Kingdom, Makia  ja CHOICE Finland cosmetic
And of course LOIMU Glögi
Pattern Light up Ateliers
Alpenstrasse 13
Near the Zug Railway station
Come by for Glögi
PS: Also in Museum Burg Zug is opening 24th. November the exhibition “Anders.Wo” and there will be wider selection of Finnish design and art.

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